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Blow Dry

Blow Dry Lesson 1 on 1

Learn how to style your hair like the professionals. Simply bring your own hairdryer and styling tools from home, and we will help you recreate the Haute Coiffure Finish. Price as per Cutting and Finishing prices.

Up -do Style

Colouring & Texturising L’Atelier Benoit Poirier d’Ambreville is proud to announce it has the honour of premiering the world famous Italian luxury hair care brand, Framesi, prior to it’s official Chilean launch in October 2011. Milan, Italy based Framesi will soon begin offering it’s upscale line of deluxe, high performance hair products at a few, very select salons in Chile.

Although launching officially in October, L’Atelier Benoit Poirier d’Ambreville has been exclusively chosen to help pre-launch these sumptuous products and will be using the Framcolor Glamour and Decolor B Cream; high grade products that withstand coloration and lightening treatments while delicately nourishing and pampering your hair. We could think of no better way to provide you with a truly ultimate indulgent hair experience.


Single Process: Semi-permanent, long lasting, new growth retouch


Corrective Colour


Creative Colour, Freehand, Balayage


Whether you want to smooth your hair, or add volume & curls, please ask our experts for a complimentary consultation.


Spiral Perm

Smoothing Cream (from smooth to perfectly controlled finish.)

*Prices do not include hair cutting, styling, shampoo and conditioning.



Shampoo and Conditioner

L’Atelier Benoit Poirier d’Ambreville is proud to announce it has the honour of premiering the world famous Italian luxury hair care brand, Framesi, prior to it’s official Chilean launch in October 2011. Milan, Italy based Framesi will soon begin offering it’s upscale line of deluxe, high performance hair products at a few, very select salons in Chile.

Although launching officially in October, L’Atelier does it’s very best to provide you with the most luxurious, high end products at our disposal and as such, we will be previewing specific and targeted shampoo and treatments from Framesi’s Morphosis line…. we could think of no better way to provide you with a truly ultimate indulgent hair experience.

Balance Lemon

TOTAL CONTROL Shampoo with Sorrento lemon extract, plus palm butter derivatives, farnesol, biotin and menthol. It washes the hair and regulates sebum production without leaving the scalp dry and flaky.

Results: Free of excess sebum, the hair stays cleaner longer, it feels softer and maintains its volume. The special formulation prolongs the light and healthy sensation because it restores the lipid metabolism balance, regulating sebum production.


ANTIAGING MASK Rebalancing and restorative. A hair mask that combats the impoverishment of the hair shaft with green walnut polyphenols and a blend of vitamins that fortifies keratin by forming an anti-radical mesh. Results: The hair is glossy and regenerated, flexible and instantly invigorated.

ANTIAGING SHAMPOO Moisturizing, invigorating and restructuring. It prevents the signs of aging with the restructuring polyphenols of green walnuts and vitamins B5, C, E and H. Results: It restructures and replenishes the hair while combating dryness on the scalp.

Delux Coral

DELUX COLOR MASK Enhances shine and protects color. Effective even on the driest and most damaged hair, formulated with shine-enhancing lipids, cationized Guar gum and state-of-the-art silicones.

Results: • hair deeply nourished, more intense color • texture achieved with restructuring, conditioning silicone gel • detangles hair, both wet and while drying • gives enchanting brightness “Intelligent” formula: hydration intensity is regulated according to the hair’s absorption capacity • balanced conditioning on all hair types • does not build up on fine hair • normal and thick hair is hydrated and bouncy

DELUX COLOR SERUM Repairs and protects color. Finishing gloss made with natural nourishing, hydrating esters that wrap the hair in a protective film.

Results: • smooth, glossy hair • anti-frizz and anti split ends • lightweight texture and formula with UV screen • does not build up on hair color stays intense and brilliant longer

DELUX COLOR SHAMPOO Nourishes and protects color. A particularly effective cleansing formula, made with sugar derivatives, cationic conditioners and silicone derivatives.

Results: • Utmost care of the delicate structure of treated hair. • Rich, soft, creamy texture. • Instantly manageable hair.

Energy Blueberry

DENSITY Shock treatment with blueberry extract. Packed with nutrients (such as wheat germ, vitamin H and group B vitamins) and anti-bacterial substances, such as propolis, it re-activates the microcirculation, concentrating it close to the hair bulb and thus effectively reinforcing and stimulating.

Results: Once better oxygenated, nourished and stimulated, hair bulbs intensify their activity. The vital follicles go back to producing hair, while existing hair grows thicker and more vigorous.

DENSITY EXTREME Crash treatment in concentrated, energizing and revitalizing drops for fragile hair. A pool of highly nourishing vitamins helps thicken the hair by stimulating the cellular metabolism. To be used on a healthy scalp unaffected by scaly skin.

Results: Vitamins H and B, wheat germ, propolis and royal jelly improve the development and quality of the hair, which grows stronger and more firmly rooted. Essential oils of eucalyptus and menthol activate microcirculation, nourishing and oxygenating the scalp.

HIGH POTENCY SHAMPOO Blueberry extract shampoo, with derivatives of olive oil and palm butter, vitamin B5, wheat proteins and vitamin H. It gently washes, nourishes and fortifies the hair.

Results: Effective cleansing is the first step to restoring energy to the hair bulb: by freeing it from the causes of suffocation and by reactivating its metabolism, the bulb is stimulated to produce new hair.

RENEW Maintenance treatment fluid, formulated to prolong the results of the intensive and shock treatment. Wheat germ, group B vitamins and vitamin H support the nourishing and anti-aging effect of the blueberry extract.

Results: Proceeding with the treatment, stimulation of the hair bulb is renewed and amplified. The root of the hair is further reinforced and the benefits of the anti-thinning treatment are verifiable and lasting.

Hair Mud

BALANCER HAIR MUD Sebum control mud. Ready to use, it is based on clay enriched with extract of Sorrento lemons, known for their astringent and refreshing properties. It helps regulate sebum secretion and scaling, leaving the scalp drier and the hair follicles better oxygenated and free of impurities.

ENFORCER HAIR MUD Restructuring mud for fragile hair. Ready to use, it is based on clay enriched with moisturizing sunflower seed oil and a blend of substances that revitalize and regenerate. The structure of the hair is instantly smoother, glossier and firmer, more manageable and gradually more resistant.

Intensive Care Pomegranate

DE-STRESS SERUM Leave-in. Alleviates recurring and temporary skin disorders. Thanks to a mix of antioxidant and moisturizing ingredients, which include allantoin, it promotes cell proliferation, accelerates the healing process and reduces redness.

DE-STRESS SHAMPOO Specifically for sensitive skin. Enriched with vinis vinifera, extracted from grape pips with marked anti-free radical properties, and with 2MHB, an active molecule that boosts decongestion, it leaves the hair softly conditioned and disentangled and combats scaling.

EXFOLIATE A gentle peeling emulsion that removes even the tiniest residues of fixative products, sebum and dandruff. A formula enriched with beta glucan, inositol, beeswax, rice bran oil and seaweed extracts.

Results: The hair follicle and bulb are free to absorb the nourishing and moisturizing substances. The skin is regenerated thanks to the elimination of dead cells.

REFINE Moisturizing, softening mask with the refreshing and soothing properties of pomegranate and Shea butter. It protects and de-sensitizes, attenuating red and itchy skin. Also effective after a coloring job.

Results: Beeswax, rice bran oil and seaweed extracts enrich the pomegranate-based formula, accentuating the soothing power and the barrier effect to bring instant relief to sensitive skin.

Purity Orange

DEFENSE Lotion. Intensive treatment in drops with extract of Sicilian blood oranges, enriched with antibacterial propolis, biotin, vitamin E, farnesol and the skin-purifying and bacteriostatic derivatives of grape seeds.

Results: The broad-spectrum anti-dandruff effect gives visible results after just a few applications. Free of both dry and greasy dandruff, the scalp feels pleasantly fresh.

ESSENCE Fluid for maintenance treatment. The concentration of its active ingredients amplifies the efficacy of the intensive treatment and prevents further problems that may cause dandruff to recur.

Results: Effective on even the most stubborn dandruff, day after day it bestows cleaner, shinier hair. Nourishing, astringent and antioxidant, it stimulates the skin cells.

IN FORCE Shampoo specifically formulated to remove dandruff from the scalp and hair. Rich in bacteriostatic and deodorant active ingredients, it delays the reccurrence of dandruff and prepares the scalp for intensive or maintenance treatment.

Results: Deep-down cleansing, which purifies and effectively removes the dandruff scales, does not affect the moisturization of the skin or hair. The product also helps combat free radicals.


DAILY SHAMPOO A thickening and anti-ageing product featuring maritime pine bark extract. Its rich lather removes any impurity from skin and hair and eliminates any trace of fixative product. Mild formula for daily use, enriched with substances that prevent limescale deposits. Specific for men’s hair, it leaves a lasting feeling of lightness and cleanliness, revitalizes the hair bulb and gives the hair shine and volume while moisturizing.

DENSIFYING SPRAY A product with a maritime pine bark base for creating hair volume and restoring balance. Rich in farnesol, minerals and biotin, it helps control the formation of excess sebum and dandruff, reactivating the hair bulb. Contains wheat proteins that restructure the hair shaft, making it compact, smooth and full-bodied. The scalp is more protected, the hair shiny and easy to comb. Does not leave any residue. For a daily effect on volume.

HAIR & BODY FRESHWASH Stimulating and invigorating shampoo/shower that provides instant freshness and the utmost silkiness to the hair and epidermis. Combats signs of time and fatigue with maritime pine bark extracts and natural moisturizers with protective action. Leaves hair nourished and decidedly disentangled. It does not cause dullness. Fights frizz and electrostatic effects, while making skin more supple.


ARGAN OIL Amber-colored, transparent and scented, MORPHOSIS SUBLÌMIS ARGAN OIL instantly bestows an enveloping sensation. In just a few minutes, its rich and valuable formula leaves the hair exceptionally soft and shiny thanks to its deep-down regenerating effect on the hair fiber. Every drop of Morphosis SUBLIMIS Argan Oil contains: • essential fatty acids • flavonoids • Vitamins E and B5 • Moisture-rich conditioners • UV filter

Results: A multi-functional formula Morphosis SUBLÌMIS combines the incomparable virtues of Argan Oil with a blend of vitamins, conditioners and protective filters. This make its formula universal and perfect for the diverse needs of the hair: • dry, fragile hair regains flexibility and hydration • treated hair is restructured and revitalized • mature hair finds a powerful anti-ageing ally


HARMONY Fortifying shampoo made with sunflower extract. While cleansing, the shampoo bestows softening and shine-enhancing substances.

Results: Used regularly, it fortifies the hair and multiplies its restructuring effect. Enriched with Guar gum, it has refreshing and protective properties.

MULTIACTION A restructuring mask that leaves the hair stronger, softer and more manageable. Its restructuring and protective effect increases with every application.

Results: Sunflower extract, rich in omega-6, has an anti-aging, shine-enhancing and lubricating effect on the hair. The formula also contains beeswax, rice bran oil and seaweed derivatives: a powerful moisturizing and re-mineralizing mix.

REFILL Oil that penetrates the hair fibre deep down, moisturizing and combating premature aging thanks to the presence of omega-6. Its excellent reconstructive power makes it the ideal product for seriously over-treated hair.

Results: Rich in anti-oxidants – such as vitamin E and tomato derivatives (licopenes), nutrients and moisturizing agents, such as olive oil derivatives and lactic acid esters. The result is thorough restructuring, which leaves the hair compact and manageable.

VELVET Fluid made with concentrated silicones that fill the porosity of the cuticle and create a sheath that evens out the surface of the hair. As if it had been “lifted”, the hair structure becomes instantly more compact.

Results: Concentrated silicone polymers, the result of aerospace research, form a film that evens out the surface of the hair. They produce a velvety sensation: the hair is shiny, smooth and more substantial. Ideal for removing frizz and for defining curls.

Sunrise Prickly Pear

AFTERGLOW An after-sun mask that restores the hair to its natural splendor in a matter of minutes, combating the dryness and dehydration caused by exposure to the sun, wind and salt water.

Results: The sugars and calcium present in the prickly pear extract restore the hair’s moisture content and reinforce its structure. Vitamins, wheat proteins and fruit acids keep the hair young and well structured.

GLOW An after-sun shampoo that frees hair and scalp from sand, salt and sun-care products. With softening lipophile substances and volumizing and restructuring chitosans.

Results: Suitable for frequent washing, it contains a mix of vitamins that regulate lipidic metabolism and prevent aging, moisturizing the hair deep down.

SUNSHIELD Protective anti-UV and anti-dehydration treatment. A light oil with a broad-spectrum sunshield, designed to screen the ultraviolet rays that cause hair color to fade.

Results: Formulated with volatile oils, it is non-greasy and protects the hair in the utmost comfort. By shielding against the sun’s rays, it prevents hair from drying out and losing its shine. The result is a cosmetic color that lasts longer even if exposed at length to atmospheric agents.

SUNWASH Hair and body shower shampoo. Refreshes and moisturizes, leaving hair and skin soft and velvety thanks to the moisturizing effect of Prickly Pear extract, olive oil derivatives and silk proteins.

Results: Deep-down moisturization has a dual advantae: it keeps the hair shiny and manageable while protecting the skin from scaling, and thus from ruining your sun tan.

Volume Rich Silk

VOLUME RICH LEAVE-IN Leave-in, volumizing, protective, anti-thermal fluid for fine hair. Reduces humidity loss during drying, preventing dehydration. Longer-lasting shape and styling.

VOLUME RICH MOUSSE Foam emulsion for fine, over-treated hair.

Results: The foamy texture makes it easy to apply and does not overload. With restructuring chitosans that protect and enhance volume.

VOLUME RICH SHAMPOO Created to give greater body to fine hair.

Results: Balanced conditioners enhance shine and gently disentangle.

*Prices do not include hair cutting and styling.






Hair Spa

Haute couture hair treatments

Learn and experience about a universe of unique tailor-made approach , dedicated to the beauty , well being and healthy hair. Atelier Benoit Poirier d’Ambreville’s skilled artists of beauty strive for excellence and their perfectly mastered attractive techniques are seamlessly integrated into a unique moment of pleasure and sensual delight. These capillary technician experts are at the heart of the development process for the protocols (textures, techniques, applications etc.) and products, in an ongoing drive for precision and performance. Each treatment is structured around two key specifications : enhancing the natural health and beauty of the hair . When other place will only offer you a treatment which will seek only one of your hair need ( color treated hair treatment , dry hair , reduce frizz, etc) , Atelier Benoit Poirier d’Ambreville ‘s Haute couture hair treatments will at least cover minimum three of necessary crucial criteria of the hair demands specific and unique to each person

Examples , greasy new grow area but dry and brittle mid length and highlighted hair . Helping hair loss at the folicule scalp area , when nourishing dehydrated parts and helps restructure the hair fibres and delivers a stunning shine to hair weakened by coloration. Again each individual need will be specifically treated.

Make Up

We informed everyone. that our services will be opened up soon,

Benoît Poirier d’Ambreville.

Other Services


Two Wedding Hair Trials & Wedding Day Hair

Includes two different trials with pictures for your convenience (bring your camera, girls!) and the wedding day style of your choice. Second trial done with inclusion of accessories (tiara/veil, etc.)

Bridal Gallery

Please click to view some of Benoît’s work at weddings.

Eyebrow & Eyelash Colouration

Brow and Lash tinting.

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Manicure Pedicure Podiatry service.

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Forms of payment accepted are cash and bank transfer. Sorry, we do not accept credit cards or check at this time. Please note that all services will require a minimum deposit of 80,000 chilean pesos at the time of booking, due to an excessive abuse of booking appointments and no showing.


We do not offer refunds on services. If a client is dissatisfied with his/her service, we offer a correction at no charge to the client if scheduled within 14 days of the original appointment.


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Prices available upon consultation. Gratuities are at the discretion of the client, thank you.

Gift Certificates available for your convenience.

The Atelier provides robes for your comfort, convenience and the protection of your clothing. As such, we cannot be held responsible for any damage should you choose to leave your upper clothing on beneath the robe.

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