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I Love Chile: Chile’s Slickest Summer and Beach Fashions

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SANTIAGO — Clothes for summer and spring are highly dominated by comfortable fabrics, luxurious, vibrant and statement-making prints, and free-flowing, easy silhouettes. It is these characteristics that define the mood of this type of clothing.

As for hair, the two main styles I would choose are braids during the days and wet, messy buns after coming back from outside activities. Shower, shampoo, and over-saturate your hair with conditioner (without rinsing) to get those wet looking buns!

Here’s the thing about spring and summer in Chile, if someone hasn’t mentioned it before. It gets really, really hot and dry. Like, REALLY hot. It’s the warmest season, in fact. Did you know that? I bet you didn’t! Science!

So the thing is, if you have long hair, it’s going to feel like a heavy wool scarf of heat on your neck, which is unpleasant and feels gross. But don’t fuss! There is a solution that’s neither a bun for 24 hours day, 7 days a week, nor a pathetic ponytail (fine, ponytails are not pathetic, at least during sports). That solution? Braids!

There are an infinite variety of super cute (and fantastic) hairstyles involving braids, either regular or “fishtail” or French (which are the best just like everything coming out of France, as you know… haha!) Some take more skill than others, but there are many basic styles you can make with a few of my tips and/or a simply by watching a few videos on YouTube.

Here are some of my tips for creating a great braid:

1. Make sure your hair is free of knots and tangles.

2. Try to use hairspray (alcohol free but with UV protection) on each section before you begin braiding.

3. Make sure your separations are small enough.

4. Starting a braid with hair that is a little dirty is best. So, I would recommend not rinsing the conditioner from last night and even wetting your hair in the morning. But, shampoo your hair and apply new conditioner at the end of your day out (without rinsing again) and before getting your evening started, repeating this day after day.

5. Fishtails look good and sleek, but also a bit messy makes them more interesting. Play around with different textures! Find the style you like best and have fun with it. After all, summer is the season to have the most fun!
hair bun 01 Benoit Chiles Slickest Summer and Beach Fashions

Who says buns are boring?

As I mentioned before, after shampooing your hair at night, towel dry before applying conditioner. If your hair is saturated with water, the conditioner won’t penetrate into your hair since any free room will be taken up by water after rinsing the shampoo. More science. Apply your hair treatment and do not rinse it.

Thought buns were boring? Not with a wet look and the right accessories. So throw your wet-look locks into a messy up-do or bun and make it stylish with barely any effort.

In terms of modal value, a trendy idea is never fully justified until you depict the message from head to toe. In this case, we’re talking not just about garments. Everything else that contributes to a complete summer look is just as important as the clothes. The appearance of the hair has a considerable role to play to set the fashion mood right.

Everyone has their favorites, and when it comes to beach styles mine are braids and wet look up-do .

Have a fun, fuss free, and stylish summer!
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