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Summer, sun, dry air, smog….solution: the art of Benoit.
Being a gringa in Santiago one of the most difficult task is get
my blond hair looking fabulous all the time. It’s not only the
external aspect that makes my hair the wrong color and
without shine and life…it’s also find the right hand and the
right service…the service that we are used to have back in
our countries. Finding those standards in Chile is definitely a
“impossible mission”.

Desperate for express my inner beauty into my outer beauty,
I got a name: Benoit Poirier d’Ambreville. I got a website and
an address. From the moment that I called to make an
appointment, I received the best service ever. Benoit have his
Atelier at Bellavista, in a nice loft, far away from the busy
streets of the Barrio Alto, in a place where you can relax and
really enjoy a time for yourself…far away from the kids,
husband, work and responsibilities. Benoit, himself, is whom
take care of you. Professionally, he know exactly what he is
doing, he speak english, and he have being working all his
life for the most demanding clients like models, politics,
superstars, all around the world. Finally you can just relax
and leave yourself at his hand. You hair will look authentic,
healthy, unique and most important: yourself! He isn’t going
to try to change you, the secret of Benoit Art is get the best
of you and he knows how to do it.

But that isn’t all he does, being frank, even that we try to
justify it with phrases like: “I have to look good for work” or
“My hair need to be healthy” the deep indulgence behind this
is the pamper experience and Benoit is just the perfect host
for it. With his cosmopolitan accent, mix of french and british,
this former top model, make his place an unique experience.
From the decor, the one to one appointments (yes,,not noisy
women chatting in the next chairs or kids look at your not so
fancy position across the window in a Mall), the variety of
conversation topics till the only one hair spa Japanese chair
in the second floor.

I feel reluctant to share the secret, because its like sharing
something very precious, but before Benoit, I was like you
lost Chile, from salon to salon, searching for what I’m used to
back home without finding it, specially being blonde and
specially not being so fluent in spanish yet.

Ok, ok, here you go.
Phone: +56 9 85281848

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