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Hair Transplantation in Latin America

Hair Transplantation in Latin America
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Hello ladies, when you read this, you will find the answer those of you facing the same problem as me, have been seeking. And I’m certain you will soon be able to advise the men in your life who may also be seeking answers, be they your father, brother, husband or son. What to do when we start to lose our hair ??!!!

Since both of my grandfathers still had full heads of hair until their deaths, I never would have thought that I would be facing this dilemma one day. The most common form of alopecia (hair loss) is androgenetic alopecia, which occurs in 95% of the cases. It results from hereditary genetic and hormonal factors, while the remaining 5% of hair loss cases correspond to the following categories, one of which is my situation.

“I found few exclusive physicians specializing in follicle by follicle microtransplantation in Chile, and not one clinic which specialized and was dedicated solely to this.”

-Alopecia areata (associated to autoimmune diseases, triggered by psychical or physical stress. It presents as one patch with no hair at all or involves the entire scalp, alopecia totalis.)

-Hormonal (thyroids, ovaries, hypopheses, suprarenal)

-Nutritional deficiencies (proteic-energetic malnutrition, fatty acids, iron, zinc, biotin)

-Pharmacological (caused by some antidepressants, thallium, mercury, colchicine, methotrexate, and other substances)

-Acute physical stress (high fever, hemorrhages, post partum, etc.)

Under the circumstances, you can understand why I began searching for a permanent, natural, painless and immediate solution. What better solution for my hair loss than that of Hair Microtransplantation; a treatment consisting of implanting hair, follicle by hair follicle using the patient’s own hair.

I found few exclusive physicians specializing in follicle by follicle microtransplantation in Chile, and not one clinic which specialized and was dedicated solely to this. So after extensive research in the Latin American market, I decide to book my procedure with a medical centre specializing in micro-transplantation located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I sent Medical Hair an e-mail of pictures of my head from various angles; the front, both profiles and crown. Once received, the medical director, Dr. Nestor Spagnuolo, contacted me in order to describe my degree and type of hair loss, Androgenetic Alopecia, the details of the hair microtransplant procedure, the different planning stages and estimated cost. Together, we decided on a date to begin my treatment.

The clinic which I choose and highly recommend is the Medical Hair, located at 612 Cordoba Avenida (1st floor) in the heart of the city of Buenos Aires. The perfect Hotel choice for my stay was the NH Lancaster Collection, located on 405 Cordoba Avenida, just a few blocks away. Be assured that when you choose a NH Hotel you will enjoy not only a comfortable stay and but fantastic service, both very important factors I took into consideration for before and after my operation.

Now, I am back in Santiago without any pain or discomfort! Ladies… Spring is in the air. My new hair has been transplanted, and all that is left to do is wait for mother nature to do her work. By summer my head should look fuller, and I shall probably update you all in 6 months, with before and after pictures.

UPDATE: As promised, now that it is summer and my new hair has grown in beautifully, I am happy to provide some before and after pictures so that you can see for yourself, the great work they do at Medical Hair.

Medical Hair – Hair Transplantation

612 Còrdoba Ave., 1st Floor

Buenos Aires, Argentina

+54 11 4322-0920 and for those of you who prefer to travel to Mendoza,

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