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Hair & Beauty – Balayage vs Ombre or Dip Dye

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Hair & Beauty – Balayage vs Ombre or Dip Dye

In Chile, terms like balayage californian are used to describe different hair color effects. Let’ clarify the name of which techniques is what and get deeper in the color bowl!

Balayage is a 40 year old French technique which is limitless with the effect and desires from clients or/colorists, that’s why it will be never go out of style. It makes the hair stylist a true artist, painting on the client’s hair like a canvas. If we we are talking about fashion (how to make a garment), Balayage would be the couture part of it, unique, different for each client, Ombre (Balayage Californian name is used only in Chile) and Dip Dye would be a trend in a collection of couture or ready to wear, as for foil highlight: they would be low level of ready to wear, and cap highlight would be the lower mainstream manufactured clothes you can find everywhere.

Ombre has been a trend in hair coloring for the last 5 years (thank you Drew Barrymore). This style goes from dark to light from scalp to hair ends (Ombre uses a natural hair color swatch, while Dip Dye uses an artificial color swatch (Pastel blue, pink, orange etc do not exist in mother nature). These three techniques are getting a lot of attention recently from upscale fashion and beauty magazines, we see them on celebrities hair for the red carpet at fashion and music awards, where the majority of the A-list wear all these three hair coloring methods with pride and glamour.

If a person envies with nostalgia the haircolor and effect of a child’s variation of tones with beautiful highlights that seem to naturally appear through sunlight during summer time, Balayage would be the answer.

If the person prefers the look of a large new grown after summer vacation, the shadow effect of dark to light of the same child after not being exposed to the sun for a period of three months, then Ombre is the answer. Now, that both looks can be achieved with color methods and applications.

Balayage: Balayage is French meaning “to sweep” creating natural, sun-kissed highlight to ultra modern trendy effect since I told you before it was no boundary with Balayage, the only limits are the imagination and desires of the hairdresser and client.
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Ombre: Ombre is again another French word which means shadow, in hair this refers to the gradual lightening of the hair strand, usually fading from a darker color near the scalp to a lighter one at the ends. Ombre can be very subtle or like Balayage, ultra modern and trendy too. The desired look you want to have will depend on the method and level of lightness.

Then when you start to use color which do not exist naturally with a degraded effect then the name is Dip-Dye !!!!
Now that you know all about the three colors methods:

To determine which one is the best for you, question yourself :
–Am I looking for a budget, less care and maintenance solution ?
–How much lighter than my natural color level do I want to go?
–How do I usually style my hair? Curl or straighten? So what the best techniques for either one?
–Am I comfortable with strong lifting products are being used on my hair?

If you want a unique couture effect on your hair and not only in wardrobe and to not look rapidly “last season”, then Balayage is the best choice for you. Balayage may not require strong abrasive products depending on how light you want to go. Remember, it’s supposed to look natural, so you will probably only go 2-3 shades lighter than your natural color. Because the color is painted on the hair with a brush and a paddle with no foils or papers you will not get that dreaded “line” meaning that as the color grows out, it will be less noticeable, less straight , more zigzag effect lines, making time between salon appointments been longer.
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You can wear it curly, wavy or you can also straighten by blow drying your hair without having to worry about seeing noticeable lines of color. If you going for a natural look, do not forget Balayage does not have limits or boundaries.

If you’re an adventurous fashionista which the new grown shadow look like, curly or wavy hair and strong products may be used if you hair is very dark and you want the tips super light, then ombre is ideal for you. Ombre hair is dark at the top of your head gradually going lighter towards the bottom of your strands, so it will almost look like you have not been to a salon for a while or you just do not care since you have no white hair to mask and wanted your hair to regrown to his natural color.

It would look best on wavy or curly hair because the line of demarcation (the “line” separating natural color from artificial color or colors if the colorist use foils or papers methods ) will be prominent. Thus, if you blow dry your hair straight , you will see prominent contrast depending of the techniques was use on you. Curls and waves would soften the line or lines in a much better way. Because ombre hair usually has very light ends, it is almost certain abrasive products will be used for the lifting. We all know the ends of our hair are the most damaged and sensitive, so take your decision with care.

All three of these coloring applications are on trend, making hair fashion statements , (some are automatically defined as classic and here to stay) and can be shown off a thousand of different ways. I hope then that journey deep in my color bowl will help you on your color style as well let you to decide the best methods for you your lifestyle, and how colorful you want to be!

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