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Non Surgical Plastic Surgery in Chile

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High end fashion expert Benoit Poirier d’Ambreville describes his experiences with non surgical plastic surgery after the shock of a television appearance.

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Ladies and gentlemen,

I am back again to share some of mine and Santiago’s secrets, for the ones who does not know me, I was part of some reality TV program here in Chile. If you are not the conductor of the show , you will not have your hair styled and your face made up before filming . After watching one of the episodes of “No basta con ser Bella” , I was wondering why do I had all this shadows on my face, guess what? They weren’t shadows but deep lines of expression! I see my face everyday washing my teeth but on the big screen ,I had to face reality that I was in the need of fresher look, something which never had been a big preoccupation for me before. I am blessed with good genetic and always use right products after shaving and during summer time with sun exposition .

The solution was non surgical plastic surgery so I contacted the expert on this field in Santiago, Chile: Doctor David Ben-Dov.

Doctor Ben -Dov starting his career in gynaecology. At 28 years old, David joined his plastic surgeon father in law to be his right hand, but because of a family issue he come back working as a gynecologist. So when David was divorced ten years ago, he decided to start over with non invasive surgery since it was a major lack in Chile.

Doctor Ben-Dov explained to me the a lot of regular plastic surgeons started all this procedure to keep their clients or to have some new ones without training or knowledge of what they were doing. That will explain my horror, when 5 years ago I arrive in Chile and start going out to a lot of events where I was introduced to a lot of women (who looked as a caricature of the Joker in Batman) or men with a plastic face without movement due to over use of Botox. In the last 10 years, David has been all over the world to attend all kinds of conferences and training courses, as well as opening a school here in Santiago 3 years ago where he teaches new doctors, dermatologists, and plastic surgeons the right methods and use of proper products .

And if it is done properly: fillers, Botox & laser resurfacing can easily take off 5 -10 years off your age without surgery and look really natural .

Doctor David also offers a procedure which can help the shape of your nose be much better without rhinoplasty! So a visit with Ben-Dov can make you a more youthful and better you without transforming you to some new character of Star Trek next generation …

And guess what ? After my first visit with David, I did get the good questions or comments from my clients and people close to me.

Did you go away on vacation?

Are you less stressed with you new employee?

Do you sleep better?

And I did not get the horrible one: have you done something to your face ?

Thank god !!
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Myself, I am in need of good products to help me for my services, which in Chile can be a challenge, so I asked Doctor Ben-Dov which product he was using … He guaranteed me that all he was using was recognized and accepted by the USA FDA and ISP, which have recognition for cosmetic and aesthetic procedures. And David assured me the product will be open front of this patients and he teaches his students to do the same to build a transparent and trusty relation with their patients.

For the filler there is no need to be tested before to have it done since we cannot have allergic reaction to it. As for the Botox before procedure the doctor will have you to answer a paper form and to respond to him during a vocal consultation, so if you are allergic to egg, you cannot have a Botox treatment. And for the ones who do not know Botox and fillers do complete each other but one do not replace the other.

So if you are in the need of a younger, fresher you, you should call Doctor David Ben-Dov to have a free consultation with him to get all answers you require before you jumping in the fountain of youth , the only 3 who will know about it, will be you, Doctor Ben-Dov and your bank statement, but no one else’s since it will look super natural!

For the botulinum toxin, David is using obviously the only one Botox .

As for the filler (hyaluronic acid gel) , David is using this high-end brand Teoxane from Geneva .

For more information, you can contact Doctor David Ben-Dov at

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