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Calabrese in Chile – Dressed to Impress


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This time, even if my article is about menswear , it will be of interest to expat men, their girlfriends and wives, you know the guys who are not single. It is also for the mothers who have a young man in their life and need to start building their wardrobe , starting with the famous prom night.

We are more and more a society of appearances and I do agree that we should not judge a book by its cover, but I am sure you will agree with me when I say that before we choose what cake to buy in bakery, we have to view them. The attraction to the cake starts with the appearance of the pastry. That is how we are drawn in.

Today our subject will be Calabrese , for those who don’t know , this is the treasure in menswear in Santiago!

So where is Calabrese from? Guess. They are from Naples, Italy!

Family businesses have acted a vast role in fashion’s development from humble workshops in European hamlets to its current status in worldwide mass trade .chile news, noticias chile

You probably won’t be surprised to hear that Italian families rule the autonomous group, while two French empires: The Arnaults (Group LVMH Moët-Hennessy-Louis Vuitton SA owner of more than 60 extensive luxury marques , including Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, Givenchy, Fendi ,Berluti, Loewe and Dior) and the Pinaults (Group Kering Group parent firm to a portfolio of fashion titans including Alexander McQueen, Bottaga Veneta ,Brioni and Gucci) are the two publicly renowned superpowers who have crucial menswear brands hidden within their flourishing portfolios.

Fililppo Della Valle, the grandfather of those now at the helm of a global giant (Group Tod’s SpA including Tod’s, Hogan, Fay and Roger Vivier), started his humble shoemaking business out of a basement in Marche, in rural Italy , in the late 1920s. These days, the group – still headquartered in Marche – is a clan business in the authentic sense: a nursery was opened last year and now two or even three generations of the same family are often seen leaving the factory at the same time.

And for Calabrese, in a smaller version, the story is the same. Starting in the mid-nineteenth century, the family enterprise was first focused in the night tie, bow tie and handcrafted scarves. handicraft.

About 35 years ago Milton Egaña, a Chilean from Santiago met the Calabrese clan several times during vacation in south of Italy and fell in love with the ties. He asked Nino Calabrese if he could bring back the ties and represent the brand in Chile . Egaña went back to Santiago first with a bunch of ties in his bag , and it became an instant success!
The refinement, quality and the extravaganza of the Italian design was an immediate appeal for the well dressed Chilean gentlemen and before we knew Milton Egaña was receiving more than 5000 ties a month in Chile from Italy.

Today Sebastian Egaña, son of Milton , has opened a Calabrese boutique here in Santa Lucia, Santiago which as a second generation part of the family business offer more than ties.

The brand in Chile now offers shirts, shoes, accessories and tailed men suits which the fabrics are exclusive for Calabrese.

Believe it or not, the super refined cotton comes from our Peruvian neighbors to the north and travels all the way back to Italy to become a Calabrese fabric then returns to South America. Some of the wool in the suits comes from the south of Chile. How refreshing this is to discover this especially these days when companies more and more are getting their supplies from China because of the competitive prices .

Obviously Calabrese is not the only man-made tailored suits establishment in Santiago, but the differences are the following:

chile news, noticias chileThe brand Calabrese itself offers a large range of styles from super classic formal to the Italian ” je ne sais quoi ” extravaganza sense of style as other boutiques here in the capital are boring super classic without even a ‘soupçon’ on edge. Excellent fabrics , good tailoring and before and after services along with huge varieties of accessories.

As well Sebastian will personally help, with a very customized approach, direct his clients to create, develop and define their own style.

These days men’s magazines use the label ‘metrosexual’ for a young and sometimes not so young men with money to spend, living in or within easy reach of a large city — because that’s where all the best boutiques , gyms complex, hairdressers and exciting night lounge or clubs.

He might be officially straight, gay or bisexual and he has undeniably taken himself as his own love object and pleasure as his sexual preference. The classification started in the mid 1990s, so how did we call gentlemen living in the 1930s who took a good care of his appearance and themselves as society required it then!?

I ‘m personally getting tired then we have to label and explain everything.

I do believe when a mother sees her son for the first time dressed for his prom or first day at the office in an impeccable looking suit, the joy she gains from that experience, as well the rush, is the same us men get when we wear that impeccable suit and feel ready to conquer the world.

Sorry about that, I let emotions taking over me since fashion has always been an important part of my life, and my conviction, as well as money, do not give happiness but certainly can help it. A well dressed gent won’t make a man but being well dressed can help to build self-esteem and self-image from head to toe.

And to come back to Calabrese, speaking about toes , you can if you wish have your shoes made. They have 2 styles and a range of sizes, which for those expats in Chile trying to get 12 + sizes know can prove to be difficult.

For the shoes it will take one week to craft with the leather coming from Argentina and even some from Brazil . Shirts will take 10 days. And of course suits take 25 days.

So for us “gringos” who love attention details, I think Calabrese is definitely the answer we are looking for and a more appealing option offer than the malls society this country become.

Until next time , ladies and gentlemen, please dress the part !

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